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Electric radiators

Thermal Trend steel ladder electric radiators can be equipped with an electric heating rod. Please choose a heating rod based on the size of the radiator according to the table showed on every model page. Electric steel ladder radiators are easy to install, the acquisition costs are low, they emit very comfortable heat are save you decent amount of energy costs.


Electric radiators from Thermal Trend can be placed anywhere in your household or industrial building. They are mostly used to heat bathrooms, dry towels, heat corridors, fitness, swimming pools and other type of rooms. Your can install radiators in all zones. Thermostats should be placed in zones shown in the picture. Electric power supply guarantees warm towels and heated rooms all over the year at high energy efficiency.

 Radiator is also pre-filled with an antifreeze mixture with a freezing point of -5°C, which is heated by the rod. You can equip a heating rod with a thermostat up to your choice. Please choose from the following thermostat types:


is a simple thermostat with round temperature control device placed on the heating rod. Shorty complies to the IPX4 protection standard and should be installed in zones 2 and 3 .















is a wall socket thermostat with easy round control device, LCD display and LED light. Thermostat complies to the IP20 protection standard and should be installed in zone 3.  Connected radiator can be installed in all zones.


is a wall socket 3 buttons easy to operate thermostat with LCD display, LED light and a switcher to set up time to turn the heating system on or off when it would be convenient for you. Thermostat Tz63 complies to the IP20 protection standard and should be installed in zone 3 while connected radiator can be placed in all zones.



is the latest generation digital chrono-thermostat for the automatic radiator temperature control. Musa Plus has a digital back-lit display, analogue buttons, internal beeper, water protection and an external sensor capable of keeping the room temperature at a desired value Musa Plus has IP44 protection and should be installed in Zones 2 and 3.


Installation instruction