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The company Thermal Trend, with its seat in Starovičky, was established in 1995 with 100% of the Czech share capital. It is the biggest Czech producer and in the last few years also the biggest distributor of bathroom heating elements of the Czech market. Nowadays the company provides job for 70 employees in its own space (5 000 square metres of process area) and produces about 230 000 pieces of heating elements per year. About 40% of its production is concentrated on the Czech trade and 60% is exported to 18 European countries.

Deep experience gained through many years of practise, high proficiency of our working group, efficient way of transparent one-stage production control, constant development of modern technologies, responsibility for purchasers, customers and last but not least continual development of new goods in our company as well as in co-operation with outside designers is commonplace for us. All heating elements produced by our company from the material preparation (exclusively from the production of the European Union countries) to the final dispatch are presented on this website. All the checking operations are done by the highly qualified Czech workers who work in our company for at least 5 years. The priority is the availability of our goods for as wide range of customers as possible. In our proposal you can find steel bathroom elements both in standard variants and dimensions and their various atypical variants according to the wishes of our customers, in wide colour range, with the possibility of combined or just electric heating.

Please, accept our invitation and through our websites turn your mind to the world of warmness, peace and at the same time passion and dynamics, design purity which in transferred meaning our goods are bringing you.

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04. 02. 2009

The new www.thermal-trend.cz websites activated. Extended information about our goods, rich photogallery and many others can be found there.

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5letYou can trust the Thermal Trend goods. We provide the 5 years guarantee for our goods.

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Download the current price list of our goods valid for 2010. The bathroom heating elements price list available for download here.